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Our Courses

Duration Price inc-VAT
Introduction to Python for SAS Programmers 4 days £1,800 £2,160
The Python for SAS Programmers course provides Learners with the essential elements of programming in Python to be able to extract data, manipulate data and prepare data through the use of Python scripts. It will enable you to transfer your understanding and experience of working with the Language of SAS to develop meaningful programs and achieve the required results in Python. This course is designed for those with prior knowledge of the Language of SAS and will provide direct comparisons to the Language of SAS throughout the course to aid learning and skills transfer. At the end of the course, Learners will have the opportunity to work as a team to convert some Language of SAS code to Python.
Introduction to Python for Data Analytics 4 days £1,800 £2,160
Python for Data Analytics is an overview of the Python language with a focus on the Python Data Analysis Library (pandas). An introduction to the techniques and skills to prepare data for further uses such as reporting and data analysis. This course will enable you to use Python and pandas to create data files that have been properly processed and cleaned up for commercial use.