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On-site Training Facilities

On-site training must be conducted in a suitable environment. Newtyne adheres to the common sense guidelines set by the Learning & Performance Institute, and this means your training room must include:

Your training room PCs will require access to either a SAS, Enterprise Guide or WPS session, depending on the method of delivery required. Our course materials cater for mainframe sessions too - that includes training on how to navigate your way around. The course data will be supplied prior to the event so that it can be installed on the desktop, server, or mainframe, as required. In addition to the course materials, Newtyne will supply a projector, flipchart, pens and paper.

If you would like any advice about any aspect of this, or would like us to come to your site to take a look, please contact us via our website.

Alternatively, if you would like us to supply the hardware then we can do this too, and we can run the course using WPS Workbench.