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eLearning with Newtyne

Our New Digital Learning Platform now offers a range of range of technical and business online eLearning courses covering the programming languages of SAS, Python for SAS Programmers and Business Essentials all skills for kickstarting or developing your career in Data and Analytics.

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Our Public Schedule course details and dates can be found below:

Duration Price inc-VAT
Python for SAS Programmers ( Certification Course) 36 hours £1,185 £1,422
As an existing SAS programmer, Newtyne’s SAS to Python conversion course is perfect for you. It will enable you to transfer your understanding and experience of working with the Language of SAS to develop meaningful programs and achieve the required results in Python. Completion of this course will help you attain PCEP professional certification from the Python Institute.
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Introduction to Python for Data Analysts 22 hours £895 £1,074
This course will give you a solid understanding of the Python building blocks and an introduction to the pandas module for data analytics.
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