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Python set to become the world's most popular coding language

08 July 2019 News Newtyne

With Python tipped to become the most popular coding language of the future, Newtyne is ready to take SAS programmers to the next level.

We've just launched a brand new four-day course - 'Introduction to Python for SAS Programmers' and you can read all about it on the training section of the website.

The new course provides SAS Programmers with the ability and confidence to apply their Data Step knowledge to programming in Python 3, helping to extract, manipulate and display data through Python scripts.

It will enable you to transfer your understanding and experience of working with the Language of SAS to develop meaningful programs and achieve the required results in Python. Exploring key concepts of the language to get you up and running including; variables & data types, operators & expressions, conditions & loops, functions, lists, strings, dictionaries, dates, modules, and working with Jupyter notebooks

The course is ideal for those with prior knowledge of the Language of SAS.