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Our Digital Learning Platform

We are thrilled to announce our latest development - the launch of our new digital learning platform.

It’s been a busy and exciting year and we’ve been working hard in the background to adapt our business and our learning solutions to better support your continuous professional development during this time and beyond.

We’ve taken our LPI Gold standard, classroom-based curriculum and made it more accessible, so you can benefit from the skill and expertise of our instructors without having to leave your desk.

Available 24/7, on any device and in any location that suits you. Our platform provides valuable knowledge and skills at your fingertips. We’ve designed the platform to support your continual professional development in the data and analytics languages of SAS and Python  but also essential business skills such as communication and influencing.

On our new digital learning platform, you'll find:

  • Bitesize modules
  • eLearning with videos and quizzes to enhance your experience 
  • Specially curated learning pathways designed to meet your own unique learning needs
  • Hands-on practice sessions to reinforce your learning
  • Technical support from our team of highly skilled instructors

The flexibility of our digital learning platform allows you to attain and blend knowledge in both technical and business skills from one central location and better still the learning is available to complete at your own pace.

Built and curated by our subject matter experts, all of whom have years of experience in the field, our courses provide you with highly accurate and visually engaging content delivering valuable knowledge to help you succeed.

To see the range of courses currently available take a look at our catalogue.