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The Newtyne Digital Learning Platform

Our digital learning platform has been designed with you in mind to support your continuous professional development.

Built and curated by our subject matter experts our platform provides blended learning across key skills in Data and Analytics such as the languages of SAS and Python plus essential business skills also required in the data space.

Overview of the platform

Our digital learning solutions are available in several formats to suit your needs, providing flexibility and learning at your own pace.

Bitesize Modules

We have developed Bitesize Modules so that you can manage what you want to learn. No more sifting through hours of material to get to the relevant topics - choose exactly what you need, when you need it.

Learning Pathways

If you would prefer a longer 'zero to hero' approach to acquiring skills, we have a range of curated, comprehensive Learning Pathways designed to guide you through a learning journey from beginning to end. We also provide 'mini' learning pathways to achieve a specific skills goal or objective.

Features of the Platform

  1. Easy to access through the catalogue, with comprehensive searching and colour coded product groups plus easily recognisable icons.
  2. It's available 24/7, on any device and in any location that suits you - providing skills at your fingertips.
  3. It includes videos, knowledge checkers/quizzes and additional supporting documentation to enhance your learning.
  4. Benefit from Hands On practice sessions throughout to solidify your knowledge and assess your understanding.

Our services are designed to make information work - to empower people to drive value for their business using the latest in data and analytics technology. Our digital learning platform will give you the knowledge and skills you need to make a difference as a data professional.

To see for yourself try our demo learning module An Introduction to SAS Programming

Or to review our range of courses go to our Course Catalogue