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Why Newtyne?

Newtyne is an IT consultancy and learning solutions provider specialising in data and analytics.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is to enable leaders to consistently and confidently make sound business decisions, for the benefit of society at large.

Our Mission is to ‘make information work’ by empowering people to drive value using data and analytics.

We do this by:

  • Solving problems — our managed service Consultancy brings expert knowledge right to the heart of data and analytics projects and programmes, delivering immediate and trustworthy results.
  • Expanding minds — our accredited Learning Solutions are highly respected and can be tailored to client needs.
  • Growing talent — our Academy offering is great for graduates and organisations alike, delivering a verified learning programme that adds value to both learner and business immediately.

We achieve our Vision and Mission by adhering to our core values, which are:

  • Nurturing our community — we care deeply about our people and the relationships we build.
  • Being consistent — we work hard at inspiring trust and at being a ‘steady pair of hands’.
  • Demonstrating commitment — we take our responsibilities seriously and we only say ‘yes’ when we can confidently deliver.
  • Collaborating with each other and our partners — we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and in the importance of teamwork.
  • Being curious — we are a learning organisation, genuinely open to feedback, so that our people and our business can develop and grow.